ptz and auto tracking cameras

For pointers on how to properly setup the TR camera, please read the Quick Start Guide below:

  • TR530 Advanced Configuration
  • AVer TR310/311/311HN/313 Advanced Configuration
  • Getting Started with the AVer TR310/311/311HN/313 Distance Learning Tracking Camera
  • Webinar: Connecting Remote Students to the Classroom with TR310/311/311HN/313
  • Webinar:
    Connecting Remote Students to the Classroom with the TR310
  • Getting Started with the AVer TR530 Distance Learning Tracking Camera - Guided Tour
  • TR530 Stage and Segment Tracking - Guided Tour
  • TR530 Setting up Wide Area Tracking - Guided Tour
  • TR530 Streaming with YouTube - Guided Tour
  • TR530 Streaming with Facebook - Guided Tour
  • TR530 Quick Setup
  • TR530 Overview
  • TR530 IP Address Control Setup
  • PTZ330 Professional PTZ & Live Streaming Camera Overview
  • PTZ310/330 On-screen Menu
  • TR530/320 Video and Audio Web Interface Menu
  • PTZ310/330 Video and Audio Web Interface Menu
  • How to setup Picture-in-Picture (PiP)
  • How to setup your TR530 presets
  • PTZ310/330 Camera Unpack Guide
  • PTZ310/330 Advanced Audio Settings
  • PTZ310/330 SmartFrame
  • PTZ310/330 SmartFrame Remote Control Setup
  • TR530/320 Firmware Update Steps
  • TR530/320 Factory Reset Steps
  • TR530/320 Remote Control Overview
  • CL01 Camera Controller Quick Start

Auto Tracking & PTZ Cameras Downloads


Product Photos


Auto Tracking & PTZ Cameras Softwares

AVer CaptureShare

For the following cameras
  • TR310/TR311HN/TR311/TR313/TR333
  • PTZ310/PTZ310W/PTZ310N/PTZ330/PTZ330W/PTZ330N

AVer PTZ Control Panel

AVer PTZ Management

For the following cameras
  • PTZ310/PTZ330/PTZ310N/PTZ330N/PTZ310W/PTZ330W (firmware v0.0.0000.56 or above)
  • PTC500S/TR530/TR320 (firmware 0.0.1000.45 or above)
  • TR310/TR311/TR311HN/TR313/TR333 (firmware v0.0.0000.16 or above)
Note: If you have a version that is older then v1.1.1004.0 please uninstall the program completely before installing the new version.

Auto Tracking & PTZ Cameras Firmwares

*IMPORTANT NOTE* Please use only the Chrome browser to update firmware. We have received reports of issues associated with the Safari, Edge.

AVer PTZ Camera Controller CL01

Last update:4/12/2021

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