Together we personify
AVer’s values


AVer believes in the qualities of honesty, reliability and fairness. These qualities are at the core of our business and our employees are committed to upholding these values.


AVer employees work hard and play hard. Our team is comprised of individuals who are focused, result-oriented, and committed to making a difference.

Customer Service

AVer strives to identify and anticipate the needs of our customers by providing thorough and attentive service at all times. Our main objective is always to treat every customer's need with the ultimate sense of urgency.


Our team members are always encouraged to apply creativity with problem solving to promote out-of-the box ideas and solutions. We strive to offer effective, break-through (not"me-too") products and solutions to our customers.


AVer truly values our team members. We believe in the revolution of the team moving towards the same goal, without placing emphasis on the glory of an individual achievement.


AVer believes in discipline as the driving force that keeps us focused on the road ahead, giving us the strength and determination to do what we know we should do, whether we feel like it or not.


Passion and inspiration drive AVer team members to lose sleep when new products and ideas are in development. This passion gives us the stamina to keep reaching for our goals when the going gets tough.

What makes us AVer?

Global Mission

We aim to enhance humanity’s ability to communicate and learn, and are deeply committed to contributing to society.

Global Core Values

  • Being down to earth
  • Creating value
  • Devoting ourselves
  • Serving the community

Global Culture

People-oriented: integrity, self-reflection and self-improvement

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