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Document Cameras

AVer offers a wide variety of high quality and crystal-clear document cameras to fit virtually any budget to enhance the visuals in your curriculum. Current document camera models include flexible arm, mechanical arm, USB document cameras and wireless document cameras. All document cameras are compact and portable so they are easy to move about the classroom, share between classes, or even taken home to be used as a doc cam or web cam for remote teaching. Included free software adds additional interactivity, video/audio recording, instant sharing to the cloud, and live content manipulation. Annotation and text can be added to live document camera video. Full lessons can be recorded and shared for later review, absent students, or resources for remote students. The software also allows teachers to instantly connect with major distance learning platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet so engaging with remote students is easy.

Why AVer document cameras? K-12 lesson plans for document cameras


4K Portable FlexArm doc cam


USB mechanical arm doc cam


Mechanical arm doc cam


Mechanical arm doc cam
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