Fractus Learning

- CC30
"Hi-Def Classroom Collaboration With the AVer CC30" Read More

EdTech Magazine K12

- TabCam
"This wireless unit transforms tablets and notebook computers into live-video streaming and presentation tools." Read More


- TabCam
"Here’s a mountable camera that allows the user to wirelessly stream video of textbooks, artifacts, science experiments or even student presentations, and then displays them live through the iPad." Read More

TES Editorial

- TabCam
"Coming to a classroom near you...Tablet magic" Read More


- TabCam and TabSync
"AVer Announces TabCam & TabSync to Improve iPad's Classroom Use" Read More


- TabCam and TabSync
"AVer introduces cameras that stream to an iPad as a presentation or recording device" Read More

Campus Technology

- TabCam and TabSync
"AVer To Launch Wireless iPad Camera, 32-Tablet Cart" Read More

The Journal

- TabCam and TabSync
"Visual collaboration solution provider AVer will launch TabCam and TabSync, two products designed to maximize the iPad's potential in the classroom" Read More

ISTE 2012: Hands-On With AVer's Sphere Software

- Sphere Software
EdTech Magazine talks about AVer's new Sphere lesson delivery and creation software through which "flipping your classroom just got a whole lot easier" Read More


- W30 Wireless Document Camera
"The W30 is easy to use. Once it's set up, all that's required is to turn it on. A fully charged camera will operate for eight hours. Because the camera is wireless and very portable, it can be used anywhere." Read More

A Flexible, Full-Featured Document Camera-Law Practice Magazine

- 355AF Document Camera
"The AVerVision 355AF is competitively priced, feature rich, well constructed and easily transportable, making it a worthwhile option to consider if you're looking for a document camera." Read More

WTRF CBS Channel 7 News Reports on AVerAcademy Showcase School in Wheeling, West Virginia

- AVerPen
WTRF reports on AVerMedia's pilot program in Ms. Carrie Downer's Pre-K classroom at Warwood Elementary. Ms. Downer has been using the AVerPen Collaborative Learning Solution and an AVerVision Document Camera to encourage group collaboration, lesson interactivity and formative assessment.

KTBS CBS Channel 3 One Class at a Time Grant Winner Chooses the AVerPen Collaborative Learning Solution as her Interactive Product Purchase

- AVerPen
Curtis Elementary School Teacher uses the $1000 Grant she won from the KTBS One Class at a Time program to purchase the AVerPen Collaborative Learning Solution.

The Intelligencer Wheeling-News Register Reports from Warwood Elementary, AVerAcademy Showcase School

- AVerPen
"The AVerPen allows the teacher and students to write on almost any surface. The words or images they write or draw are then projected on a wall or screen, allowing the teacher to move freely throughout the classroom while the work of any number of students can be viewed by the instructor immediately.." Read More

Tech & Learning Magazine, "Put to the Test: AVerPen"

- AVerPen
"AVerPen is a cost effective alternative to a full IWB, SRS and slate solution." Read More

EDTECH, "The Visual Advantage"

- 300AF+ Document Camera
"Schools find document cameras motivate students in classrooms across the country." by Anne Rawland Gabriel Read More

School Library Journal. "AVerPen Starter Pack Review"

- AVerPen
Jeffrey Hastings from School Library Journal reviews the new AVerPen Interactive Collaborative Learning Solution. Read More

Scholastic Administrator, "AVerPen Interactive Collaborative Solution Review"

- AVerPen
Ken Royal from Scholastic Administrator reviews the new AVerPen Interactive Collaborative Learning Solution. Read More

Technology & Learning Magazine, "Put to the Test"

- V355AF Document Camera
"Overall evaluation: This document camera is another quality product from AVerMedia. The company makes some of the highest quality, easiest to use, yet low-price document cameras on the market—without skimping on features." Read More

Technology & Learning Magazine, "Put to the Test"

- CP300 Document Camera
"Unlike some other document cameras, the CP300 is very easy to move from one classroom to another. The software is very easy to use and learn. Since the camera allows users to record and annotate any process, a teacher in any subject can record something she wishes to teach or remediate and annotate the process…" Read More

EdTech Magazine, "Creating Digital Learners"

- CP300 Document Camera
"Creating Digital Learners. Pairing projectors and document cameras can givce your lesson plans a digital overhaul." Written by Carl Vogel, EdTech Magazine (A CDWG Publication), Page 44, August – September, 2008 Read More


- 300AF+
Brewer says the camera has been essential to increasing student participation and interaction. "Student motivation and engagement has increased tremendously because students want to share their work and ideas using the document camera. They love to be the 'teacher'." Read More

Scholastic Administrator Magazine, "Tech Tools: Twin Document Cameras"

- SPB350 & SPB370 Document Cameras
"Twin Document Cameras - Look for AVerMedia to unveil two new document cameras that can create super-sharp 5-megapixel images. Both can put 1920 by 1080 images on a classroom projector or large monitor, have built-in networking, and can rotate images!"

Technology & Learning Magazine, "What's New"

- CP300 Document Camera
"With its network-sharing capability through Local Area Networks, the camera now allows multiple classrooms or even the entire school to view and share live lessons and demonstrations such as science lab dissections."

Professional Buyers Guide, "AVerMedia Launches Interactive Portable Document Camera"

- CP300 Document Camera
"These enhanced features make the AVerVision CP300 truly interactive and intuitive, whether in a single classroom, or campus-wide." Read More

University Business, "Document Camera Delight"

- SPC300
"When a projector won't do the trick, consider the SPC300 from AVerVision. This new visual presenter allows users to display documents, 3D objects, microscopic images, and other items through a variety of display devices such as a projector, monitor, or TV."