AVer has the solutions to help you emerge through these uncertain times with the tools needed to give equal learning opportunity to both in-class and remote students. Find out how AVer can become the heartbeat of the new model of teaching and learning here.

John finished helping me set up my AVer F30 document camera at home; helped me connect it to my MacBook Pro and walked/talked me through the installation process. He was very helpful and very patient with me! Really appreciated his help!

Ema Gluckmann, CK McClatchy High School Chemistry Instructor6/17/2020

If you are a dealer, school or end user, AVer has a product that will fit your need, not break the bank, maintain quality and give you all the support you need before and after the sale.

Timothy Mcpherson, Owner5/12/2020

The requirement to go to online teaching has been a massive undertaking… One of your employees, John Chang, has been a savior… He has saved me hours and hours of frustration. Read More

Darcy Rattazzi, L.C. Tobias Elementary School4/17/2020

I was contacted immediately! Under these extreme circumstances with COVID19 your staff doesn't miss a beat!

Linda Roberts, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Academy3/19/2020

I want to do a major shout-out to John Chang in tech support… He is a value to your company and showed me that AVer is number one in support of our educators who are stuck at home. Read More

Satisfied AVer customer4/17/2020
John Chang Sr. Tech Support Specialist
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