AVer Interactive Flat Panels Help to Increase Student Participation

Bedford Area School District
Case Study


Bedford Area School District needed a cost-effective solution to replace projectors and whiteboards. With new initiatives to utilize more technology in the classroom, they were looking for a customizable classroom solution that integrated well with Apple devices.


ifp Outfitting classrooms with AVer's interactive flat panel provided teachers with a complete classroom solution that led to an increase in student participation.

"[Teachers] use the interactive flat panel in the classroom to take attendance, support time management, and allow students to be the teacher."

Key Benefits

  • Increase in student participation in classrooms.
  • Cost-effective solution for schools looking to replace projectors or interactive whiteboards.
  • Easy deployment and training through AVer's best-in-class service and support.


Bedford Area School District is a smaller district located in South Central Pennsylvania and services students from elementary to high school. Bedford Area School District wants to promote growth and is embarking on a quest they call "Bedford2020". This initiative is a plan to have a completely integrated technology-based curriculum by the year 2020. Their goal is to build a better district for students by incorporating more technology into classrooms. Helping students to be the best they can be while building the foundation for life-long learning.


Bedford Area School District was looking for a costeffective alternative to purchasing projectors or interactive whiteboards. This would be the first time the school integrated interactive flat panels, and they wanted to ensure the correct product was chosen. Bedford Area School District piloted three different interactive flat panels prior to choosing AVer. Teachers used the panels in class with students to see which panel was most effective. Testing out the products through their vetting process of over 6 months, it was clear AVer’s panel beat out the competition.

"The two primary reasons [we chose AVer’s interactive flat panel] were the ease of use and the customizable options of downloading .apk files,” stated John Diel, Director of Instructional Technology at Bedford Area School District. “The ladder really allows teachers to customize [AVer’s interactive flat panel] with Apps that they want to use. It’s like having a giant tablet on the wall for the classroom."

End Result


Teachers use Aver’s interactive flat panel in the classroom to make simple tasks like taking attendance more interactive and fun for students. With the many options and features of AVer’s interactive flat panel, teachers can use it to support time management and keep the class focused. "The [interactive flat panel] can also serve as a learning center for students as they rotate in small group activities," stated John Diel, Director of Instructional Technology at Bedford Area School District. "[Students] can wirelessly connect using airplay and be in charge of showing work or leading a lesson". Since the school will be going 1:1 with iPads next year, having built-in native screen share technology will be something teachers can really use in the classroom. This allows students to connect wirelessly to showcase their work and provide examples to support learning.

"Another reason for us purchasing AVer was the warranty program offered. Having a 5-year replacement warranty is a piece of mind that we value."

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