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Revolutionizing Remote Patient Monitoring with the MD330UI


July 28, 2023

The healthcare industry is suddenly experiencing an influx of new technologies that are reshaping the bedrock of medical operations and delivery. Technology has become an integral part of the healthcare industry. Patients are driving new trends in healthcare services, such as convenient care options delivered through same-day, in-person and virtual visits, and the automated delivery of data through apps and websites that empower patients to instantly access test results, schedule appointments, pay bills, request refills and other tasks.

The adoption of new technologies, including virtual reality, artificial intelligence and robotics, cloud computing, and others, are enhancing the interaction among patients, doctors and specialty physicians. The delivery of healthcare through electronic communication, known as telehealth, is rapidly evolving. The continued advancements in telehealth technology has ushered a new era of healthcare with the introduction of remote patient monitoring (RPM). RPM enables healthcare providers to monitor patients outside the traditional care setting by harnessing digital medical devices, such as weight scales, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, blood glucose meters and others. The data collected from the devices can be transferred through video conferencing technology in the patient's room and, from there, are electronically and immediately transferred to providers for care management.

The introduction of RPM technology, particularly video conferencing solutions, are accelerating telehealth and telemedicine capabilities by providing patients with access to doctors around-the-clock – AVer’s MD330UI is an example of those advancements. The MD330UI combines impressive high-quality features with a simplified user experience to empower remote examinations, consultations, diagnosis, and treatment.

To field a successful RPM program, healthcare organizations need to invest in reliable, feature-rich technology to promote a simplified user experience. AVer’s MD330UI is a highly-versatile medical-grade PTZ camera explicitly designed for telemedicine and patient monitoring. Featuring IEC 60601-1-2 Medical Certification, the MD330UI boasts 30X optical zoom with 4K output resolution and an infrared camera to deliver superb image quality for healthcare environments during the day or for nighttime viewing. Specific to tele-ICU applications, the MD330UI features high-resolution and wide pan-tilt angles to capture and share vital signs and statics with medical professionals. To support intuitive telehealth conferencing, the MD330UIincludes a removable camera head to allow healthcare professionals to capture close-up images of patients at different angles. The MD330UI includes an embedded audio system with speakerphone and noise reduction to supports clear communications.

AVer’s MD330UI is medical-grade EN60601-1 and both TAA and NDAA Compliant. The MD330UI features helpful functions, including fast focus speed for seamless patient viewing and a one-button snapshot to capture still images. The MD330UI boasts unparalleled versatility, operating as a PTZ telehealth camera for medical carts or bedside use and as a detached, handheld camera to gather closer images and specific viewing angles for personalized patient care. AVer’s MD330UI operates with various all-in-one secure healthcare platforms to deliver video visits, medical exams and remote patient monitoring.

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