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The VC520 Pro3 is an advanced video conferencing system, featuring a 36X* total zoom PTZ camera, enhanced AVer SmartFrame, Preset Framing, and a Sony WDR sensor. In addition, it provides 3-way outputs, including HDMI connectivity, expanding the scope of streaming options and elevating the overall video and audio experience. What distinguishes the VC520 Pro3 is the connectivity through a single USB cable, making the installation process simple and a perfect option for BYOD or dedicated PC scenarios. The VC520 Pro3 Smart Composition feature – an embedded AI function – captures high-quality closeup images of meeting participants. Coupled with an extended speakerphone solution, the VC520 Pro3 ensures an unparalleled video conferencing experience.

VC520 Pro3
Achieve Seamless Audio and Video Connectivity Through a Single USB Cable

Facilitating simplicity in setup, the VC520 Pro3 is ideal for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or dedicated PC scenarios. Connect a single USB cable to your computer, and you're all set for your call. This not only saves time but also contributes to maintaining a tidy meeting space. Streamline your setup and cut down on installation costs with the VC520 Pro3.

Capture Every Detail and Master Your Presentations with a 36X Total Zoom Lens

Enhance your meetings with the VC520 Pro3 Full HD PTZ Lens. Its 80.5° diagonal field of view enables wide shots, and flexible pan and tilt controls allow focus on presenters, attendees, whiteboard content, or physical objects. Ensure precision with a 12X optical lens and a 36X* total zoom, reaching up to 70 feet without distortion. Moreover, the VC520 Pro3 boasts 24X lossless zoom for exceptional clarity in remote meetings, making it the ultimate video conferencing system for medium to large rooms.
*Use PTZApp 2 to set up 36X zoom

Efficiently Capture Attendees in Flexible Layouts with AVer Smart Composition

The VC520 Pro3 sets a new standard in the video conferencing industry by incorporating Smart Composition*, a feature usually exclusive to high-end devices. Smart Composition employs an AI algorithm to autonomously frame each participant's face or body perfectly. This user-friendly click-to-play functionality eliminates the need for software setup. Effortlessly transition between headshots and half-body views, enabling seamless shifts from individual to group visuals. Experience high-definition participant views with the VC520 Pro3, streamlining meeting setups for optimal collaboration and equitable meeting experiences.
*Works for up to 9 people

Improve Meeting Efficiency with AVer's Upgraded SmartFrame

AVer's VC520 Pro3 optimizes your meeting efficiency with its advanced SmartFrame technology. This AI feature automatically centers on participants, even from a remarkable distance of up to 22 feet away, ensuring precise people counting and clarity even when masks are worn. Additionally, the VC520 Pro3 provides a Preset Framing mode that intelligently tracks presenters within predefined zones. By configuring multiple preset viewing areas, the camera smoothly adjusts as the presenter moves, eliminating the need for manual control.

Superior Audio Quality with an Extended Speakerphone

The VC520 Pro3 ensures a reliable and seamless audio experience. Additionally, it supports either two expansion speakerphones or a full-duplex microphone set. This innovative speakerphone capability positions the VC520 Pro3 as the optimal choice for mid-to-large conference rooms.

Huddle room with 1-4 participants, one speakerphone
Small room with 4-7 participants connecting one speakerphone and a microphone
Medium room with 6-10 participants connecting one speakerphone and a microphone
Large room with 15 participants connecting one speakerphone and 2 microphones
Large room up to 20 participants daisy-chaining 3 speakerphones


What do our clients say?

“We hold regular team meetings with both in-person and remote attendees and this product has made it much easier for everyone to see and hear each other during those meetings.”

Martel Rotschy| IT Director | Rotschy Inc. (6/29/2021)

“The quality on the camera is amazing. We have PTZ cameras that cost four times as much, and the AVer outshoots them all. I am always impressed when I zoom into small writing on a poster across the room and the image is sharp. The camera also shoots well in low light.”

Robert Caldwell | Instructional & Information Designer | North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (6/29/2021)

“The VC520 Pro3 has been excellent for presentations and allowed work to be done no matter where participants are, which has been very useful during this pandemic. Thanks for a great product!”

Phillip Lin | Business Admin | GST (6/29/2021)

“Zoom is pleased to certify AVer's VC520 Pro3 solution to deliver an outstanding audio and video experience for Zoom users in medium to large conference rooms. With Zoom Certified Products, we are providing our customers with a seamless meeting room experience with equipment that is easy-to-use, deploy, and manage.”

Eric Yu | Hardware Partnerships | Zoom


Unrivaled warranty

3 year warranty

With the industry's ONLY 3 Year Warranty with 1st Year Advanced Replacement*, the VC520 Pro2 USB conference camera includes an unrivaled Advanced Replacement Program, offering a 72 hour product replacement during the first year of ownership.
*Available for Continental USA/Alaska/Hawaii only

Replacement within 72 hours

If your camera is not performing during the first year, a phone call will have a replacement unit sent to you within 72 hours. This, combined with a 3 Year warranty, ensures total protection and peace of mind for years to come, at no additional cost.

Package contents

  • Camera
  • Speakerphone
  • Power adapter
    Power Adapter
    SKU: CPWRVB342
  • Remote Control
    Remote Control
  • Wall Mount
    Wall Mount
  • USB cable
    USB Cable
  • CAT6 Speakerphone Cable
    CAT6 Speakerphone Cable
  • 3.5mm Aux Cable
    3.5mm Aux Cable

Optional accessories

  • RS232 Cable
    RS232 Cable for PRO Series
  • Expansion Speakerphone
    Expansion Speakerphone
  • Daisy chain speakerphone
    Expansion Microphone
  • RS232 Adapter for PRO Series
    RS232 Adapter for PRO Series
    SKU: COMPRO232
  • Wall Mount
    Wall Mount
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