Aver hardware certified for google hangouts meet

AVer now offers several qualified hardware devices for Google Hangouts Meet, making it easy for you to deploy video collaboration throughout the workplace. Outfit any size meeting room with ease using our certified video conference cameras. Google offers an affordable set of components make great video meetings easier than ever.


AVer's CAM340+ is certified for Google Hangouts Meet hardware. It is an ultra-portable, yet robust USB conferencing camera designed for focus rooms and smaller conference rooms. It offers an extra-wide 120° field of view to capture every meeting participant easily, and its 4K imaging at 30fps delivers a crystal-clear picture on large monitors. A unidirectional microphone enables a conference call even if the user's computer doesn't have a mic. The CAM340+ is lightweight and fits in one hand for easy transportation, and a built-in TV mount conveniently unfolds from its base.

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Meet certified CAM340+
Meet certified CAM540

The CAM540 is certified for Google Hangouts Meet hardware. The 2019 Red Dot Award-winning CAM540 smoothly pans, tilts, and zooms while producing a beautiful 4K image. AVer's CAM540 is smart, sleek, and perfect for mid-to-large conference rooms. With its streamlined design, quiet motor, and advanced technology. AVer SmartFrame automatic FOV adjusting technology allows users to get meetings started quickly and avoid disruptions when people enter the room while a meeting is in progress.

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The CAM520 is certified for Google Hangouts Meet hardware, it is a perfect camera for mid to large conference rooms. The CAM520 is an affordable, professional-grade USB PTZ camera optimized to deliver an exceptional video communication experience. The CAM520 can connect to virtually any desktop or laptop via a single USB cable.

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Meet certified CAM520
Unrivaled warranty

With the industry's ONLY 3 Year Warranty with 1st Year Advanced Replacement*, the CAM340+, CAM540, CAM520 camera include an unrivaled Advanced Replacement Program, offering a 72 hour product replacement during the first year of ownership. If your system is not performing during the first year, a phone call will have a replacement unit sent to you within 72 hours. This combined with a 3 Year warranty, ensures total protection and peace of mind for years to come, at no additional cost.
*Available for Continental USA/Alaska/Hawaii only

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