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Equipping Employees with Proper Technology to Eliminate Video Meeting Fatigue


February 22, 2023

The long-anticipated return to the office is beginning to become a reality, but it’s unlikely for companies to return to the traditional business model. The nine-to-five from Monday-to-Friday working culture has transitioned to a hybrid model that empowers the flexibility of working from home. However, new research shows that the shift towards a hybrid model will not come without its challenges.

First, let's take a look at the numbers. A new study reveals more than 95% of workers experience video meeting fatigue. In the same study, respondents noted that changes to company culture and technologies could reduce their fatigue, though. Notably, 93% of respondents tallied more than two or more hours per day in video meetings, while 56% reported spending more time in meetings since they started working from home.

The newfound reliance on video conferencing technology can negatively impact workers. As companies move towards the future of work and continue to embrace hybrid work, it’s important that companies combat video meeting fatigue. Fortunately, though, this is not an impossible task. According to the data, two key areas in overcoming video meeting fatigue include culture changes around meetings and better meeting technology.

In the case of meeting technology, it should provide users with a simplified, yet sophisticated experience. Hybrid meetings, however, can be quite challenging because these meetings involve the participation of both remote and in-office workers. It can be difficult for participants to properly see and communicate with those on-site and collaboration equity can be limited among participants. Without the proper technology, hybrid meetings can cause a myriad of complications, including miscommunication, visibility, and reduced engagement.

AVer Information has introduced AI-powered video conferencing technology that solves today’s most common hybrid meeting challenges. AVer’s technology, including Audio Tracking, Smart Gallery and Gesture Control, creates an immersive meeting experience with seamless communication and visibility. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Audio Tracking: AVer’s built-in voice sensors use beamforming technology and to effortlessly track speakers. This technology guides the camera to focus on the most relevant activity in your meetings, filtering out irrelevant audio with mouth and human voice detection. Users can choose to track speakers and presentation materials in preset areas or just speakers, making remote meetings as intimate as physical ones.
  • Smart Gallery: An AI-powered face-and-body detection technology that identifies every person in the room and displays their image as individual feeds. If there are multiple people at a table, Smart Gallery will crop participants’ faces to ensure everyone is visible and promote collaboration equity for remote participants.
  • Gesture Control: Based on AI algorithms, AVer’s built-in Gesture Control can easily control cameras and enable AI functions by holding up one finger on either side of the face. Users can take advantage of built-in AI gesture recognition to operate the camera and eliminate touchpoints to increase meeting safety.

By incorporating AI technology, like Audio Tracking, Smart Gallery and Gesture Control, remote workers can easily pick up important communication cues, like facial expressions, body language and gestures, which enables remote participants to feel more connected, meanwhile, preventing unnecessary confusion. With the future of the hybrid workplace, hybrid meetings are also now an inevitable part of our day-to-day life. It’s especially important that companies adapt to this change to ensure productivity is not affected.

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