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Why Choose Zoom Certified Devices?


March 2, 2022

Many Zoom users are slowly accepting the fact that they are not ready to come back to the office, so they have decided to invest in a decent camera or room system. This post explains why using Zoom-certified hardware is important, goes through an overview of how manufacturers get certified, and gives you the benefits of using certified hardware.

What does it mean to be Zoom Certified?

The Zoom Certified badge lets customers know they can expect a high-quality, reliable communication experience. Camera and speakerphone hardware tested for Zoom Rooms functionality and meet higher standards in both audio and video performance.

How does a product get Zoom Certified? What are the steps a product takes?

Here's a high-level overview of what a product has to go through to achieve Zoom certification.

  1. Apply: The product is submitted to Zoom by the Manufacturer.
  2. Test: The product undergoes comprehensive testing by Zoom’s third-party lab for hardware functionality and the product undergoes Zoom’s subjective testing.
  3. Maintain: Products must maintain certification/compatibility

Why should you choose Zoom Certified hardware?

There are many reasons why you need to choose a Zoom-certified device:

  1. Reliability: Customers have access to reliable solutions that provide a seamless communications experience. Devices being Zoom-certified have proved that they can meet with Zoom's high standards for video and audio quality.
  2. Easily Identified: Zoom logo helps customers easily identify hardware solutions that integrate seamlessly with Zoom.
  3. High-Quality Hardware: Manufacturers produce higher-quality hardware designed specifically to integrate with Zoom. With Zoom certified devices you can create an affordable conference room system with a high level of reliability. An example of those affordable cameras are AVer's VB130 and the AVer CAM520 Pro2.
  4. Choice: Many hardware manufacturers are Zoom-certified. This ensures that you have as much choice as possible and ensures you'll choose from a plethora of hardware at a competitive price.
When choosing equipment, make sure to choose purposeful technology which suits your needs.

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