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The image from the camera is not clear. Is there an option to sharpen the camera image?
You can adjust the sharpness setting in PTZ app or press FAR/NEAR button on remote control to refocus.

Can I mount the VC520 on the wall or ceiling?
Yes, a metail mount is included. Please use specified anchor to mount on drywall or ceiling.

I have a windows XP system, do I need to install any special drivers?
VC520 doesn't supply with any driver, it is plug and play for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Mac OSX. Windows XP is not supported by VC520.

Can I extend the speakerphone or camera cable pass the 16' distance?
VC520 uses standard USB 2.0 cable. You can try some 3rd parties offer active powered USB extender. You can't extend the camera to hub cable.

How to collect log file from the EVC systems?
USB Method: Connect a USB flash drive with a minimum of 50mb free. On the EVC menu, go to "setting->general setting->administrator". Navigate to the "Save" button in the "Save system log". Press the save button to save a copy of the system log on to the USB flash drive.
Web Interface Method: Open a Web Browser and enter the IP address of the EVC system in the URL field. Enter the remote password to the system. Go to "setting->general setting->administrator". Click on the "Save" button in the "Save system log". This will save a copy of the system log file to your computer.
Please contact for instruction regarding to file analysis.

Will I need professional installation and setup?
While prior experience would help, AVerComm is designed with ease of installation and setup in mind.

Can I connect two monitors to the H300 or H100 systems?
Yes, there are two VGA outputs for dual monitor setups using the AVerComm system.

Can I place the unit on a cart and move it from room to room?
Yes, just note that proper LAN configuration will be needed.

What is a Public IP address?
A public IP address is an address that is reachable on the global Internet.

Do you support external speaker function?
The AVer Videoconference System comes with a 3.5mm PC audio jack providing line level output to accommodate powered external speakers. When 3.5mm audio out connects to external speaker to the system, make sure you turn off TV speaker volume.

How fast does my internet connection need to be to use AVerComm?
The AVerComm H and HVC series requires a minimum of 256kbps and EVC series requires a minimum of 64Kbps to establish a point to point connection. You can find out your internet speed by visiting

Does AVerComm work on a wireless network?
No, AVerComm requires a physical network connection. Some customers try wireless to Ethernet bridge, make sure the proper setting (incl. firewall and QoS) is applied.

Will I need a dedicated IP/Static IP for AVerComm?
No, AVerComm is designed to be used with either Static IP or DHCP. If you use DHCP, the address may change over time, make sure the new address is given to the party need to reach you.

What are your cable lengths and are longer cables available for H series?

  • Codec to hub cable is 15' in length (standard) and 30' for optional cable.
  • Codec to HD Camera is 5' in length (standard) and 30' for optional cable (via HDMI adapter).
  • Hub to Microphone is 10' in length (standard) and 30' for optional cable.

Open Port Table
TCP: 1719 - Gatekeeper (UDP Bi-directional)
TCP: 1720 - Dial and Connection
TCP/UDP: 30000~30039 (bi-directional) - Video, Audio and Content (adjustment to ports 30000-300039 are available inside the AVerComm system settings.)
TCP: Port 80 (Webtool)

Will I need an ISDN line (BRI or PRI) to use your video conferencing system?
No, AVerComm uses a standard internet connection instead of ISDN.

Do I need to open my firewall port(s) to support AVerComm?
Ports 1719 UDP (gatekeeper) and 1720 TCP (H.323 call setup). TCP/UDP 30000-30039 (video, audio and contents) and Port 80 for web interface.

Does AVerComm support NAT or firewall traversal?
AVerComm supports standard H.460 NAT/firewall traversal and gatekeeper function.

Will I need professional installation and setup?
While prior experience would help, AVerComm is designed with ease of installation and setup in mind.

Can we use dual monitor setup on the H300 and H1000 system?
The H300 and H100 system supports a dual monitor environment. In a dual monitor setup, the codec's VGA out port will be your primary screen and the VGA out port from the Hub will be your secondary screen. During a conference call, the primary screen will show the far site image and the secondary screen will show data contents.

Do the HVC or EVC support HDMI video output?
Yes, both series support HDMI video out to your display device. When 2 displays are connected, HDMI is your main display where OSD (On Screen Display) menu appears.

Does H300 and H100 support other video or audio sources as input?
During a video conference call, you can use input button on the remote to switch between the PTZ Camera, S-video and composite video source. This allows you to share your DVD, camcorder, pictures/videos from your mobile device via video conferencing.

Does H300 or H100 support external speakers?
Yes, AVerComm has a 3.5mm jack on the back panel. When you connect the speakers to AVerComm, the system will automatically switch to the external speakers instead of using the speaker in the table top hub.

How do I configure H300, H100, HVC310 or HVC110 to work in the gatekeeper environment?
To assign the AVerComm to your Gatekeeper, you will need to go to "Setting->System Settings->Network->Gatekeeper". In here you will need to input the IP address of your Gatekeeper and place a "check" in the "Use Gatekeeper" field.

How do you configure AVerComm in a NAT environment?
If your AVerComm system is in a NAT environment, go into the "Setting->System Setting->Network->Firewall" page. In here you will need to input your "WAN Public IP address" and place a check mark on the "Use NAT" option. Your system is now ready to work in a NAT environment.

Does AVerComm support two microphones?
AVerComm currently only supports 1 microphone.

Do we support Multiple PTZ cameras setup
We currently do not support 2 PTZ cameras, our secondary video in port can be connected to a video source (i.e.: camcorder or stationary camera to receive image.)

What kind of microphone is included in AVerComm and what distance can the microphone pick up speech from?
AVerComm includes 1 Omni-directional microphone pod with a 10 feet cable. The microphone is capable of picking up speech from up to 10 feet away.

What type of displays can I use with AVerComm and how should I connect them?
We suggest using VGA (RGB) connections to connect to your display system(s) to get the best resolution. For HD quality, it is ideal to have a display that supports native 1280x720 resolution.

Can I set a maximum transmitting and receiving bandwidth?
You can set your bandwidth as low as 128 kpbs to as high as 4 mbps. Once the maximum bandwidth is set, your call quality will not be able to exceed the maximum bandwidth setting.

Does AVerComm have a feature that can help improve meeting environments with poor lighting?
AVerComm offers an exposure function that will help compensate for poorly lit environments. With this feature you can increase or decrease the camera's exposure as needed.

What resolutions does HDMI output support?
The HVC system detects the HDMI display resolution automatically, and supports 1024x768 and 1280x720. The EVC system supports up to 1080p display.

What resolutions does VGA output support?
The HVC system detects the VGA display resolution automatically, and supports 640x480, 1024x768 and 1360x768.

Can I add more microphones to my HVC system?
Additional directional microphones can be ordered and added to your Aver HVC system. Depending on room size, different microphone layouts/configurations may offer better coverage of your room. Link to Conferencing Tips Microphone

What are the lengths of the cables supplied with the HVC110 and HVC310?
Camera cable 5 feet, Ethernet Cable 9 feet, Mini XLR 30 feet (HVC110 and HVC310), 2nd Mini XLR 15 feet (HVC310 only), HDMI 30 feet, VGA 15 feet

Will I get better audio quality if I utilize both the HDMI audio feature and the 3.5mm audio out to a powered speaker system?
Having loud audio out from both the HDMI and the 3.5mm connections may cause unwanted feedback/echoing. It is best to use a single device to handle your audio out. (ie: speaker system, monitor speakers, etc)

Is the 3.5mm connector sending out a line level signal?
Yes, the 3.5mm audio output port on the back of the codec is transmitting at line level signal. A powered speaker system is recommended.

What model supports remote control API?
The AVer H300 and H100 (firmware V2.14 and above), along with the HVC series, support remote control API through IP port. HVC series has additional RS232 port support. For more information please visit our website.

Do your systems support SIP protocol?
Both the HVC110 and HVC310 are designed to support the SIP protocol. SIP support for the AVer system will constantly evolve with the ever-changing SIP applications in the market.

Can I add standard XLR mic to the HVC110 and HVC310?
Both the HVC110 and HVC310 offer a mini XLR port for external 3rd party microphone support. A mini XLR to Standard XLR adapter is included with each HVC system.

Can I use HVC directional mics on my H300/H100?
The HVC directional microphones are designed to be used with the HVC system. These microphones will not work on the H100/H300.

Will there be longer cables for the HVC systems
Longer versions of cables will be available soon.

I have no light on my microphone after connecting to my HVC system.
Check the color code on cable and make sure cables are connected to the proper ports.

What is the required iOS software to use with the VCLink software?
iOS 4.2 or higher is required to run the VCLink software.

Does the Aux mini XLR support Phantom power?
Yes, the 3-pin mini XLR does support Phantom power (48 volts)

Do I have to install the VCLink mobile app thru the app store?
Installation of software is currently available thru their respective app stores. No other installation options is available at the current time.

Will the VCLink software work on iOS/Android devices that don't have cameras?
Yes. iOS devices without cameras will only be able to use general remote control functions. Minimum device requirements are touch capability and iOS software 4.2 or higher.

Are there any 3rd party microphone support for the H100/H300?
In firmware 2.14, users have the option of using 3rd party microphone system with their AVerComm. By switching the microphone's audio input signal, users can connect the microphone of their choice via 3.5mm jack. Only 1 audio signal line can be active at a time.

What type of power supply does the EVC uses?
Each EVC comes with a 12v, 4A power supply. This is enough to supply power to the EVC codec and all it's components.

What kind of cable come with EVC100, EVC130, EVC130P?
Each EVC100, EVC130, EVC130P comes with a 5M microphone cable, 3M camera cable, and 1.5m HDMI cable.

Unable to update my EVC100 with the firmware that is listed on the firmware update site?
EVC100 with the firmware 01.00.xx.xx reads the firmware file name differently. When updating from firmware version 01.00.xx.xx, add the word "EVC_" in front of the firmware file. This will make the firmware file look like this "EVC_01.xx.xx.xx.DAT". After this update, the EVC system will take the regular firmware file from the firmware page.

I'm unable to update using the web interface tool. When I get into the update page, I do not see the "Browse" and "Submit" buttons.
This issue occurs when a computer tries to access the EVC web interface tool using the WAN IP and both systems are in the same LAN environment. To resolve this issue, the computer will need to enter the EVC's LAN IP in the browser.

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