We have recently acquired a pair of EVC130 video conferencing units to outfit our boardrooms in Ontario and New Brunswick as part of an initiative to strengthen communications and collaboration. Although we are in the infancy of our project we have already received rave reviews from those that have used the EVC130's; and have also had requests to place additional EVC100's in our smaller meeting rooms. I had done significant research when looking for a video conferencing solution, including all of the big names in the industry. To spite the beauty of a $1 million dollar demo boardroom with one vendor, I was unable to find any features their products had that beat out the capabilities that Aver had in their products, at a fraction of the cost. From a technical perspective one of the best parts of the Aver lineup is in the configuration simplicity; everything is in the box. I didn't need to worry about extra hardware, licenses or keycodes required at an extra cost to enable other features. When I'm ready to start multi-party video calls I can connect to any standard video bridge provider, which was a big selling feature for us. In the end, the Aver product is very easy to use and "just works", and does so extremely well!

— Mike Haney, CIO, Yorkville Education Company