Frequently Asked Questions



How Do I Setup and Configure DDNS?
For instructions on how to setup DDNS on Linux-based DVRs, click here.
For instructions on how to setup DDNS on Windows-based DVRs, click here.

How do I install and configure the AVer iViewer for iPhone/iPad/iPod to view my DVR?
For a complete "how to" for Apple iDevices, please click here.

Why can't I access my DVR with Internet Explorer 8 or 9 on Windows 7?
Click here for a "How To" to enable WebViewer install on Windows 7.

How do I connect to a camera using the RTSP protocol?
Our DVRs are compatible with hundreds of models of IP cameras. If the specific camera that you are using is not on our current list of supported models, you can try using the RTSP protocol. continue

Why am I getting an error about screen size with Chinese characters?
If you are running Windows 7 and your text size is set to more than 100%...continue

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