Corporate Office

Michael KuoMichael Kuo

Chairman, AVer Information Inc.

Michael Kuo is the co-founder and chairman of AVer Information Inc. His vision for AVer is to become a global leader in developing and manufacturing digital multimedia products, such as video presentation, video security and video conferencing products. Michael is always proud to bring advanced technology and unmatched services to all his clients. Currently, Michael is responsible for global business development and corporate branding efforts.

National Taiwan University, Taiwan
EMBA, International Business

National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan
Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering

National Ocean University, Taiwan
Bachelor's Degree in Electronic Engineer

Andy HsiAndy Hsi

President, AVer Information Inc. Corporate office

Andy Hsi is the President of AVer Information Inc. His responsibilities are to chart the direction of AVer Information Inc. towards presentation, security and communication applications, to build up staff competence to a world-class level and to expand the global application market. Andy majored in multinational operations. Before he joined AVer, Andy was responsible for foreign subsidiaries operation and foreign corporate services experience in the ICT industry.

National Taiwan University, Taiwan
MBA, International Business

National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan
Bachelor's Degree, Mechanical Engineering

Adam WangAdam Wang

CFO, AVer Information Inc. Corporate office

Adam Wang is the Chief Financial Officer of AVer Information Inc. Prior to serving as CFO of AVer Information Inc., Adam served as Financial Division Director of AVer Information Inc. As CFO, Adam’s current responsibilities include financial and investment planning for AVer Information Inc.

National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Master's Degree, Accounting

National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Bachelor's Degree, Accounting