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AVerCharge S42i+ FAQ

1. What kind of devices can the S42i+ accommodate?

The S42i+ can accommodate any device that accommodates AC charging, which is nearly every laptop, Chromebook, tablet, or any device you may use in your classroom (14” screen size or under).

2. How does Adaptive Intelligent Charging (AIC) work?

Adaptive Intelligent Charging (AIC) works by diverting power resources to the external power outlets when no (or few) devices are plugged into the cart. AIC enables you to safely use the external power outlets to use high-power electronic classroom equipment (document cameras, projectors, printers) during class hours.

3. What happens if I lose my keys?

Contact our support team (support.usa@aver.com) and we will discuss your options for a speedy solution.

4. Does the S42i+ come with a padlock?

The S42i+ is not sold with a padlock. Most standard-sized padlocks should work (make sure the diameter on the lock measures less than 0.31” inches).

5. How do the directional locking casters work?

The front two wheels (opposite the handle bar) are the directional locking wheels. Straighten out the wheels by pulling the cart back. Then, engage the two front wheels for directional locking. This will provide smoother manueverability pushing the cart in a straight line.

6. What is the most effective way to manage your cables on S42i+?

This video will help you: Intro Video

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