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What does the F70W solution provide?

F70W streams live video wirelessly to your iPad, Android, Windows 8 tablet, or PC/MAC so you can keep your mobile devices mobile. The camera can be placed anywhere in the room giving you more opportunity to actively engage with students. Use the F70W to stream content from a student's desk and showcase their work in the classroom. The F70W document camera allows you to work with others without being tied to the camera or a single position. If you need to connect to a traditional projector/LCD, the F70W also comes with HDMI input and output for a direct connection. You can use the USB cable to also connect the document camera to your computer and stream video via USB.

Updated starting from February 2018, the F70W has also been updated to support the Miracast Wireless Display protocol. You can now:

  1. Wirelessly stream to your Windows 10 PC via the “Projecting to this PC” feature.
  2. Wirelessly stream the camera to the AVer Interactive Flat Panel via the “AVer Screen Casting” feature.
  3. Wirelessly stream to the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter (Part #:P3Q-00001) - https://www.microsoft.com/accessories/en-us/products/adapters/wireless-display-adapter-2/p3q-00001
  4. Wirelessly stream to the Actiontec Screenbeam HDMI dongle (Part#: SBWD100A, SBWD100B, SBWD-2D81F9)
The Camera The App (iPad, Mac and PC)
  • Wired and Wireless Hybrid!
  • Pushes live video to App
  • Battery lasts 6 to 6.5 hours
  • Streams live video
  • Digital Whiteboard
    • Annotate, Highlight, Add text to live video & whiteboard
  • Screen Cast
    • Record full experience
    • Instant upload to the cloud

Battery and usage

Upon using the F70W for the first time, it is recommended that users charge the battery for at least 2 hours prior to document camera use.

How many hours will a fully charged F70W document camera last?

Approximately 6 to 6.5 hours. The F70W is equipped with a 6-cell battery park (similar to a laptop). When the camera is not being used, please plug in the power adapter to charge the document camera to maintain full efficiency and longevity of battery.

Can this product support the flipped classroom model where students learn new content online via video lectures from home and apply what they learn in the classroom?

Absolutely! The free AVer software allows you to present, annotate, record, and stream lesson plans through sites such as YouTube™, Dropbox™, Google Drive, etc. Please download the free AVer A+ Suite software.

Can I connect the F70W to my computer?

Yes, you can connect the F70W document camera to your PC/Mac wirelessly or through USB using the AVer A+ Suite software. This software is free and downloadable at http://www.averusa.com/classroom-technology/support/aplus-suite.asp.

Does the F70W have a built-in microphone?

Yes, the F70W comes with an onboard microphone and can be utilized as an USB Audio source in many third party applications such as Skype, Hangout, etc.

Can I record videos on the F70W?

Yes, you will need to insert a standard SDHC card. Please use the "Class 6 or above" on the SDHC card (See examples below). A Class 6 or Class 10 card will give you the best read/write performance when using 1080P HD recording on the F70W. The F70W document camera supports SDHC cards ranging from 4GB to 32GB in size. Please format the card using the onboard formatting tool prior to toggling the recording. Audio will pick up from the built-in microphone on the F70W document camera.

SDHC Card, Class 6 or Class 10

How do I playback the video?

You can insert the SDHC card with the recorded video clip(s) and play back from a computer. The file records as a standard MP4 video file (1920x1080 @ 30fps). You can also play back the video from the F70W document camera directly by using the "playback" feature.

Can I use the F70W document camera as my primary Skype or Hangout (or other various video conferencing software) camera?

Yes, the F70W comes with native driver support on your PC/MAC. You can utilize the camera as though it is a Web/USB camera for all your video conferencing needs.

What is the difference between a F70W document camera and a standard document camera?

Not only does the F70W provide diverse options with HDMI (input and output) and USB connectivity, but it allows you to stream via Wi-Fi to your computer/laptop/tablet. Truly a jack-of-all-trades document camera!

Is the F70W still charging while plugged into the AC adapter and the document camera is turned off?

Yes, when plugged into the AC adapter, the F70W is charging even when it is turned off and no LED indicators are displayed.

How do I keep the battery in an optimal state?

If possible, full battery discharges should be avoided because this stresses the battery. A full discharge occurs when the F70W completely runs down in battery power and powers off by itself. It's recommended that users perform partial or frequent charges instead of performing a full discharge followed by a full charge. Avoid extreme heat and also cold conditions as these extremities can also permanently reduce the battery life.

How do you turn the F70W completely off and not have it on standby mode?

Unplug the AC adapter, and then hold down the Power button until the unit completely shuts off.

When booting up the F70W there's no image on the screen. How long does it take for the F70W to completely boot up?

It takes about 90 seconds for the camera to boot up completely. You will see an AVer splash screen at various points throughout the boot time. If the projector or LCD screen still shows a blank screen:

  • Please check to see if the HDMI cable is inserted into the HDMI output of the F70W document camera.
  • Make sure the dongle on the side of the F70W is set to "RGB" if you are connected via HDMI and "TV" if you are connected to a TV via the RCA cable.

What do I do when I first turn on the F70W and Battery LED showing an Orange color (Battery) LED shows an Orange color?

Plug in power adapter to charge the battery for about 2 hours before using it for the first time.

How do I secure access to my F70W through a password?

You would need to download the A+ Suite software and use the PC or MAC to secure access to your F70W.
  1. Launch the "Device Manager" application found under the "AVer Information Inc" -> A+ Suite folder.
  2. Make sure your computer is connected to the same Wi-Fi network the intended F70W(s) is connected to.
  3. Select "Advanced Setting".
  4. Make sure the document camera(s), which is already connected to the Wi-Fi network is turned on. Also, it is recommended that the F70W(s) be plugged in.
  5. All F70W(s) located in the same network will be listed as shown in the figure above.
  6. The F70W(s) will show up as "Locked". Click on "Unlock" to change the settings of each F70W.
  7. The default password for F70W is "admin". Once you have entered the password, the status changes to "Free".
  8. Once the F70W status is free, highlight the desired F70W and select "Edit".
  9. Check the "Use Passcode" box and enter the password you wish to use. When you are finished, press "OK" to confirm the changes. You will then be prompted to enter this password when you wish to connect to this F70W.
  10. For additional security, you may also protect the unlock feature once you connect to the F70W. The password is "admin" by default, but you may change this by selecting "Change admin password" and entering in a new password in the configuration window.

For more information, please go to http://www.averusa.com/classroom-technology/
Contact Information
AVer Information, Inc. USA
668 Mission Court, Fremont, California 94539 USA
Email: support.usa@aver.com


Additional wireless information

  • F70W is designed to work best in an 802.11n/ac environment using the 5GHz network. However, it will also connect to older routers such as the 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz.
  • AES, TKIP and AES+TKIP are supported (wireless encryption methods).
  • For WPA/WPA2 enterprise, F70W only supports PEAP and not EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS.
  • Minimum required Wi-Fi bandwidth is 0.16Mbps and maximum bandwidth can be as high as 4.8Mbps.
  • Set your router's Wi-Fi channel selection to "Auto".
  • Don't use a "Hidden" Wi-Fi network name.
  • Update your Wi-Fi router to the latest firmware.
  • Check for sources of potential interference (microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices, faulty satellite television cables, power lines, cordless telephones, wireless speakers, flat-panel televisions, etc).

Please check with your System or Network Administrator to make sure that the ports are not blocked in the Wi-Fi router. The TCP/UDP ports in use are as follows.

Port TCP/UDP Usage Descriptions
1900 UDP uPnP SSDP Package For detecting and removing the F70W
9527 TCP Command To send/receive commands between the iPad and F70W
9528* TCP Command To register connections for occupied F70W
8557 TCP RTSP To connect to the RTSP Stream
Random UDP RTP For RTP connection
Random UDP RTCP For RTCP connection

My network requires 802.1x authentication for devices that need to be added to the Wireless Network.

Please read this guide on how to configure the F70W for 802.1x Wireless Network Authentication.

How do I set up Static IP for the F70W?

  • First off, connect the F70W to the designated WiFi network; take note of the IP being assigned and also the MAC address of the camera (“Dongle MAC ID”). Note both down.
  • Go to your domain DHCP server and “reserve” the MAC address to the particular IP (or assign a different IP to the camera.
  • Then go back to the camera wireless setting and select “Advance” -> Set Static IP Wireless setting
  • Also make sure your Wireless Access Points (or the Access Controllers) don’t “timed out” devices or create a filtered list of devices that need to appear constantly on the WiFi network. There are cases where access controllers “kicked” off Wireless devices it deemed as “idle” simply because no computers are accessing the IP video stream.

Can the F70W stream wirelessly via a different wireless protocol?

Updated starting from February 2018, the F70W has also been updated to support the Miracast Wireless Display protocol. You can now:

  1. Wirelessly stream to your Windows 10 PC via the “Projecting to this PC” feature
  2. Wirelessly stream the camera to the AVer Interactive Flat Panel via the “AVer Screen Casting” feature.
  3. 3. Wirelessly stream to the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter (Part #:P3Q-00001) - https://www.microsoft.com/accessories/en-us/products/adapters/wireless-display-adapter-2/p3q-00001
  4. Wirelessly stream to the Actiontec Screenbeam HDMI dongle (Part#: SBWD100A, SBWD100B, SBWD-2D81F9)

F70W Troubleshooting (Advance)

I have hooked up the F70W to a display, booted up the system but the screen is blank. The power button shows a constant “Amber” light. What’s wrong?

Refer to the picture below, please check the right side of the panel and look for the (3) TV/RGB switch. Please make sure the switch is set to RGB instead of TV.


The F70W Wi-Fi connection shows "None" on the OSD menu.

Press "Menu", go to the Wi-Fi setting page to connect and select "Rescan" to have the system re-scan the airwaves again.

There is still no SSID detected on the F70W after re-scanning.

Please check the Wi-Fi dongle and make sure it is properly inserted into the F70W. Make sure when the system starts, the dongle emits a blue light. Otherwise, check the Wi-Fi Router to make sure it is running. You may have to check with your local system administrator to determine the nature of the problem and call AVer tech support.

The F70W is connected to my PC via the USB cable, but I still can't see the live image on Sphere2.

Please check the F70W onboard keypad and make sure the WiFi LED "WiFi LED " is turned off, if it is showing a constant blue color please press "WiFi LED" to turn it OFF. Next, re-open Sphere2 and select the camera from the "Visualizer" icon as indicated in the picture below.

The F70W is streaming to my iPad and PC, but I am experiencing live video that is not smooth (e.g. missing frames).

There are many possible variables that could affect the Wi-Fi performance.

  • Try the 5G bandwidth on your Wi-Fi router (if supported). The F70W supports 2.4GHz or 5 GHz and up to the 802.11ac standard.
  • If you're using the Sphere2 software, go to "Sphere2" Options -> WirelessCam bit-rate setting and toggle the setting down to 1.24Mbps (for less bandwidth). You also have similar options available on the iPad or Android tablet AVer app.

Power and Network LED light is steady and I am able to see the IP address on the screen as assigned by my Wi-Fi router, but my F70W is not detected by the software.

  1. Make sure your computer/tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network (same SSID) as the F70W document camera. If it is not, you may need to use the IP search method to connect to the F70W via the IP address (See #2 below).
  2. If it is not convenient to open the access ports, you can still connect to the F70W via the IP address of the F70W. Screen below shows where you would punch in the IP of the F70W.
  3. Security software (firewall, anti-virus) installed on your computer may be blocking communication between the F70W and the device you are using. Your Wi-Fi router also may be blocking some TCP/UDP ports. When these ports are blocked, F70W cannot access the Wi-Fi. Please check with your local MIS to unblock. Below is a list of ports to look out for.
    TCP/UDP Port
    UDP 1900
    TCP 9527
    TCP 9528
    TCP 8557

I've done everything listed and my F70W still does not connect.

Solution: Test your Wi-Fi with our Wi-Fi tool to check compatibility. Follow these steps:

  1. Connect two wireless devices (PC, iPad, or Android) to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Install Wi-Fi Test Tool by AVer Information Inc. on both devices:
    a. For PC: Download the Wi-Fi Test Tool here:
    b. For iPad: Download the Wi-Fi Test Tool by AVer Information Inc. in the App Store (search AVer).
    c. For Android: Download the Wi-Fi 33 Test Tool by AVer Information Inc. in the Google Play Store (search AVer).
  3. Run the Wi-Fi Test Tool on both devices and enter the Remote Device IP of the other device (this is the device's IPv4 address).
  4. Press Start on both devices to begin the test.
  5. If the test passes, your Wi-Fi is compatible with the F70W and should have no problems connecting. If the test fails, you may have to change some settings in your router for the F70W to connect.
  6. Please call our tech support and let us know the error log that is generated from the Wi-Fi Test Tool in order for us to help you troubleshoot the problem.
Please refer to this demonstration of the Wi-Fi Test Tool if you need help running the test: http://youtu.be/v7WjHAFgWFc

I can see my F70W in the list, but I cannot see the live view when I select the F70W.

There may be some signal strength issues with the Wi-Fi connection. Try the following steps:

  1. If your Wi-Fi supports 5GHz radio, please connect to the 5GHz for better radio signal.
  2. There may be other devices using your Wi-Fi network at the same time. Bandwidth usage, packet loss and other connection elements may cause poor video quality.
  3. If you are connected via the Sphere2 PC/MAC software, reduce the bandwidth usage by toggling the bandwidth setting. (e.g. Sphere2 -> Options -> WirelessCam -> WirelessCam bitrate Settings)

I have the doccam connected to my MacBook via USB, turned it on and launched Sphere2. The camera view always says “Not connected!”. What do I do?

This issue could be derived from Google Chrome's WebUSB API. Which is on by default for older versions of Chrome. Google has since updated the Chrome browser to disable this API for the newest release. With the older browser, this issue happens in the situation where the user didn’t close the chrome browser before plugging-in the camera. When Chrome is open, it will automatically try to find a driver for our doc cam online. Therefore, interrupting the default driver that is already loaded by our software. The issue results in camera sometimes connecting, sometimes not. Therefore upgrading your Chrome browser should technically resolve this issue. If still have issues, please make sure no other application is accessing the camera on your laptop. Applications such as Skype, Hangout, Adobe Connect, can lock up the camera when it’s executed in the background.

If you have a MacBook (Standard & Air), try the following steps:

  1. Disconnect the USB cable from your MacBook.
  2. Restart the MacBook.
  3. Download/Install the latest A+ Suite Version from here
  4. Launch Sphere2 software.
  5. Connect USB cable from your AVer camera to the MacBook again.

If you still have issues, please contact AVer tech support for a more in depth look at what could be causing the problem.

F70W Firmware Upgrade

Please download the following PDF guide on how to upgrade the Firmware on the F70W.

F70W App Downloads

A+ Suite

New version:

Previous version:

New version:

Previous version:

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