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F17-8M Document Camera FAQ

Can this product support flip teaching (flipped classroom) where students learn new contents online by watching video lectures at home and apply what they learn in the classroom?

Yes! Through the free AVer software, you can present, annotate, record, and stream lesson plans through sites such as YouTube™, Dropbox™, etc.

Can I connect the F17-8M to my computer?

Yes, the F17-8M can connect to both PC and Mac with a USB Cable.

Is it possible to use the F17-8M without a computer?

Yes, the F17-8M can connect to a projector or LCD screen using the video outputs.

Does the F17-8M have a microphone?

Yes, the F17-8M has a built-in mic that makes it ideal for recording lesson plans and presentations.

Does the F17-8M have an adjustable neck?

The F17-8M has a gooseneck that allows you to lean, bend, and flex the camera in any direction.

Is the F17-8M hi-def?

Yes, the F17-8M comes with an 8MP sensor and has an adjustable output of 30fps at 1080p via HDMI or VGA.

Can the F17-8M be mounted?

Yes, the F17-8M comes with mounting holes on the bottom of the unit. It also has a Kensington slot on the side of the base for you to secure to a cart or table with a Kensington lock (purchased separately).

Is there a light source on the F17-8M?

The F17-8M has a built in LED light attached to the camera head that provides light to your presentation when needed.

What is the Shooting Area of the F17-8M?

The F17-8M has a maximum shooting area of Max. 22.83” x 12.83”

Can you record video with audio with the F17-8M?

Yes, you can record video with audio using the on-board recording or through the software provided.

Is the F17-8M compatible with Interactive whiteboards software?

Yes, with the AVerVision Flash Plug-in downloadable from AVer's website.

What is the highest resolution you can display with the F17-8M using your A+ suite software?

The highest resolution the F17-8M can output is 1920 x 1080 at 30fps.

What external hard drive devices can I connect to the USB flash drive slot on the F17-8M?

You can connect 2GB ~ 64GB USB Flash drives that are formatted to Fat 32. External hard drives are not supported (portable or SATA/IDE).

F17-8M Document Camera Troubleshooting

AVerVision F17-8M can't detect the inserted USB flash drive?

Make sure the USB flash drive switch is set to and check if the USB flash drive is properly inserted.

Can the old microscope adapter be used (eg. From an older AVerVision CP-series)?

No, a new microscope adapter for the F17-8M (also works with the F30) will be introduced. Part number is VISIFSEMA.

There is no Camera image on the presentation screen.

  1. Check all connections again as shown in the user manual.
  2. Verify the setting of the display output device; make sure it is set to the correct input channel.
  3. 3. The unit's power light turns Orange in standby mode. Press the POWER button again to turn it ON and the LED Power light will turn Blue.
  4. The default camera display resolution setting is on 1024X768. If your output device does not support this resolution; no image can be projected.
  5. 5. Check the TV/RGB switch on the side of the camera and set it accordingly to the type of display device you have.
  6. Check all cables are good among the display device, AVerVision Document Camera and your PC, replace cables if necessary.

The brightness on the presentation screen is dark and unreadable

  1. Turn on Auto Image in your unit's Menu (Menu > IMAGE > Advanced > Auto Image)
  2. Reset your document camera to default by pressing Menu > System > Default > Yes > Enter.
  3. Make sure there are sufficient lighting in the room or Turn on the LED lamp on your document camera head.
  4. Manually adjusts the Brightness and Contrast levels in the Camera's Menu.
  5. Your projector's bulb may need to be changed.

The picture on the presentation screen is distorted or the image is blurry.

  1. Reset all changed settings, if any, to the original manufacturer default setting. Press MENU then go to SYSTEM > Default and select YES in the OSD menu.
  2. Use the Brightness and Contrast menu functions to reduce the distortion if applicable.
  3. If you discover that the image is blurry or out of focus, press the Auto Focus button on the control panel or remote control.

There is no computer signal on presentation screen.

  1. Check all the cable connections among the display device, AVerVision F17-8M and your PC.
  2. Connect your PC to the AVerVision F17-8M first before you power on your computer.
  3. For notebook, repeatedly press FN+F5 to toggles between display modes and display the computer image on the presentation screen. For different command, please refer to your laptop manual.

The presentation screen does not show the exact desktop image on my PC or Notebook after I toggle from Camera to PC mode.

  1. Return to your PC or Notebook, place the mouse on the desktop and right click, choose "Properties", choose "Setting" tab, click on "2" monitor and check the box "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor".
  2. Then go back one more time to your PC or Notebook and place the mouse on the desktop and right click again.
  3. This time choose "Graphics Options", then "Output To", then "Intel® Dual Display Clone", and then choose "Monitor + Notebook".
  4. After you follow these steps, you should be able to see the same desktop image on your PC or Notebook as well as on the presentation screen.

How do I record a video using the on-board recording button?

Insert a USB flash drive into the USB memory slot. USB dip Switch should be moved towards the USB symbol. Now simply press the "Recording" button on your unit's control panel. To stop the recording, press the "Recording" button again. The video will save in .AVI format in your USB flash drive. F17-8M can support USB flash drive from 2GB to 64 GB.
Insert a SD card into the SD card memory slot. From your document camera's Menu, select Setting tab > Current Storage > SD memory card > enter. Now simply press the "Recording" button on your unit's control panel. To stop the recording, press the "Recording" button again. The video will save in .AVI format in your SD card. F17-8M can support SD card from 1GB to 32GB.

The AVerVision Software cannot detect the document camera.

  1. Make sure your USB cable is connected.
  2. Make sure the USB cable or computer USB port is not defective.
  3. Move the USB switch on the document camera away from the USB symbol.
  4. Check your Device Manager, If Digital presenter driver shows damaged, right click and select "Update Driver".
  5. Make sure you have the most currently updated software, download list is found under Download tab.

How Do I Connect an External Microphone?

Plug a 3.5mm mono microphone to port. The built-in microphone on the control panel will be disabled when an external microphone is connected. The recorded audio will be in monophonic sound.

How Do I Connect an Amplified Speaker?

Plug a 3.5mm plug amplified speaker to port. Only the audio from the video playback is supported.

We recommend connecting an amplified speaker to the Audio output port. Take caution when using earphones. Adjust the volume down on the remote to prevent hearing damage due to loudness.

How Do I Connect to a Microscope?

Connect the AVerVision F17-8M to a microscope enables you to examine microscopic objects on a big screen. You need to purchase the optional accessory "VISIFSEMA".

  1. Change the image display mode to Microscope. Press MENU > select IMAGE tab > select MODE > select (microscope) and press .
  2. Aim the camera head at the farthest point and press AUTO FOCUS.

  3. Adjust the focus of the microscope.
  4. Select the appropriate rubber coupler size for the microscope eyepiece and insert it in the microscope adapter.
  5. Remove the microscope eyepiece from the microscope and connect it to the microscope adapter with the rubber coupler inserted. Fasten the 3 bolts until the adapter secures the eyepiece.
    For the eyepiece, we suggest using 15.5mm eye relief or higher.
  6. Attach the microscope adapter to the AVerVision camera head. Then connect it to the AVerVision and microscope.
    Make sure the arrow on the camera head and microscope adapter are on the same side to connect and twist clockwise for the arrows to meet and lock.

Storing and Handling

The gooseneck design allows you to freely bend the arm and store the camera head in the camera holder. Once you have properly secured the camera head to the camera holder, you may use the arm to carry AVerVision F17-8M.

How Do I Transfer Captured Images/Videos to a computer?

This enables you to transfer the captured image from the built-in memory or SD to a computer.

The instruction below MUST be read and followed BEFORE connecting the USB cable.

  1. Make sure to set the USB switch to for the computer to detect AVerVision F17-8M.
  2. MUST set the USB to PC as STORAGE before connecting the USB cable.
  3. When "Mass Storage Start…" appears at the lower right corner of the presentation screen, you may now connect the USB cable.
  4. Upon connecting the USB cable, the system automatically detects the new removable disk. You can now transfer the captured image(s) from the F17-8M built-in memory to the computer hard disk.

For more AVerVision F17-8M Q&A please visit this page.

Data discrepancy on RS-232 Get and Send Command on the published
user's manual

Please download this most updated Send command table: SendCommand_Table.pdf

Please download this most updated Get command table: GetCommand_Table.pdf

How do I turn off the on-screen display of the AVer logo?

To turn off the AVer logo display, press and hold the Left and Menu button for 3 seconds. Repeat this step to re-enable the logo display.

I have the doccam connected to my MacBook via USB, turned it on and launched Sphere2. The camera view always says “Not connected!”. What do I do?

This issue could be derived from Google Chrome's WebUSB API. Which is on by default for older versions of Chrome. Google has since updated the Chrome browser to disable this API for the newest release. With the older browser, this issue happens in the situation where the user didn’t close the chrome browser before plugging-in the camera. When Chrome is open, it will automatically try to find a driver for our doc cam online. Therefore, interrupting the default driver that is already loaded by our software. The issue results in camera sometimes connecting, sometimes not. Therefore upgrading your Chrome browser should technically resolve this issue. If still have issues, please make sure no other application is accessing the camera on your laptop. Applications such as Skype, Hangout, Adobe Connect, can lock up the camera when it’s executed in the background.

If you have a MacBook (Standard & Air), try the following steps:

  1. Disconnect the USB cable from your MacBook.
  2. Restart the MacBook.
  3. Download/Install the latest A+ Suite Version from here
  4. Launch Sphere2 software.
  5. Connect USB cable from your AVer camera to the MacBook again.

If you still have issues, please contact AVer tech support for a more in depth look at what could be causing the problem.

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