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TabSync FAQ

What tablets are compatible with the TabSync?

The TabSync is compatible with all generations of the Apple iPad, iPad mini and iPad Air. This includes the iPad (1st generation), iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation), iPad (4th generation), iPad Mini, and iPad Air. The TabSync also supports charge for Android tablets.

What cases fit the TabSync?

The tablet slot size allows for a 11.5" x 0.96" x 10.43" case to fit. Cases with smaller dimensions will most likely fit, for more information please contact us at http://www.averusa.com/classroom-technology/
or call our toll free number at 1-877-528-7824.

Where is the main power switch?

The main power switch is located on the back side panel of the TabSync and is a red switch. The green power switch located on the top of the TabSync is for the three additional outlets.

What type of additional security or safety features does the TabSync offer?

The TabSync has two areas on the cart that can be securely locked with a padlock. The cabinet doors in the front and the panel on the back of the cart. Additionally, there is a hook on the back of the cart that can be used to securely lock down the cart to a wall or to the ground with a secure cable kit. Two of the four wheels on the cart have its own individual lock so that the TabSync doesn't accidentally roll away.

How do I sync multiple tablets at one time?

To sync multiple tablets, simply connect the tablets to the TabSync's USB hub and connect your computer to one of the two sync ports to sync up to 16 tablets. Connect both of the sync ports to your computer to sync up to 32 tablets. Open up iTunes or Apple Configurator on your computer and begin syncing the tablets.

Can I charge or sync a combination of 30 pin and lighting devices at the same time?

Yes, the TabSync is capable of syncing both 30 pin and lighting devices simultaneously provided that you use the appropriate connectors. Devices should appear on your computer as they normally would.

What accessories can I purchase with the TabSync?

We currently offer custom length cables (USB to Micro USB, USB to Apple 30 pin, USB to Apple 8 pin/Lightning Connector) that may be purchased.

Can I charge other devices with the TabSync's USB hub?

It is recommended to only plug supported devices into the TabSync's USB hub. AVer is not responsible for any damages done to the TabSync from use of un-supported devices.

Does the TabSync come with any warranty?

The TabSync comes with a 10 year mechanical / 2 year electrical warranty.

My TabSync is damaged or doesn't charge or sync, what do I do?

Please contact support at http://www.averusa.com/classroom-technology/support/support.asp or call our toll free number at 1-877-528-7824.

How do I purchase or get started?

Please visit http://www.averusa.com/classroom-technology/charging-cart/tabsync.asp for ordering and more information.

How do I know if the tablets are charging and when it is done charging? What about syncing?

The LED status indicators will be red while charging and turn solid green when the tablets are fully charged. When the tablets are syncing, the LED status indicators will flash green.

Why are the LED status indicators flashing when I'm not in sync mode?

When tablets near a full charge they will begin to draw a very small amount of power; this can sometimes cause a flicker in the LED status between red and green. This is normally caused when devices exit or enter standby mode that are fully charged or nearly fully charged. Rest assured that your devices are still being charged properly.

My MacBook Air does not see all 32 iPad's when connecting to the TabSync, how do I get them to detect?

If you are using a 2012 MacBook Air, please be sure you are running the latest patch. If you are using a 2013 MacBook Air, please run the following terminal command:
sudo nvram usb-options="%01%00%00%00"
Once the command has been executed, restart the MacBook Air. To undo this, run the following terminal command:
sudo nvram -d usb-options
If the problem persists please contact support at http://www.averusa.com/classroom-technology/support/support.asp or call our toll free number at 1-877-528-7824.

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