A+ Suite

(Sphere2, ClassSend, Microsoft Application Plug-ins, IWB Flash Plug-in)


Supported products:

  • AVer U70+
  • AVer U50
  • AVer M70HD
  • AVer 300AFHD
  • AVer F70W
  • AVer PL50
  • AVer F50-8M
  • AVer F17-8M

A+ Suite

New version:

Previous version:

New version:

Previous version:

The NEW ClassSend feature is automatically activated when your PC is connected to specific, compatible AVer Document Cameras.

For more information on activating the Sphere2 on compatible models, or if you'd like to purchase a Sphere2 compatibility upgrade for legacy AVer Document Cameras, Click here.

Activating ClassSend Feature

The ClassSend Student Engagement Feature can be activated for free if your PC/Mac is connected to the following AVer products:

F50HD,F17HD, F17-8M, F50-8M, F70W, F33, 300AFHD, M70HD, M70, U70+, PL50 and TabCam

Your Sphere2 software will automatically activate the Class feature when it connects to any of the above AVer document cameras. 

Pay-upgrade for ClassSend Student Engagement feature

Sphere2 activation
  • AVer F50
  • AVer F30
  • AVer F15
  • AVer CP355
  • AVer CP155
  • AVer CP135
  • AVer 355AF
  • AVer 300AF+
  • AVer U50
  • AVer U15
  • AVer U10
  • AVer M50
  • AVer W30
  • AVer SPB370
  • AVer SPB350+
  • AVer SPB350






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