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300AFHD Document Camera FAQ

Can this product support flip teaching (flipped classroom) where students learn new contents online by watching video lectures at home and apply what they learn in the classroom?

Yes! Through the free AVer software, you can present, annotate, record, and stream lesson plans through sites such as YouTube™, Dropbox™, etc.

Can I connect the 300AFHD to my computer?

Yes, the 300AFHD can connect to both PC and Mac with a USB Cable.

Is it possible to use the 300AFHD without a computer?

Yes, the 300AFHD can connect to a projector or LCD screen using the VGA or HDMI outputs.

Does the 300AFHD have a microphone?

Yes, the 300AFHD has a built-in mic that makes it ideal for recording lesson plans and presentations.

Does the 300AFHD have an adjustable neck?

The 300AFHD has fully adjustable locking pieces; the neck and head easily rotate, swivel, expand, and collapse.

Is the 300AFHD hi-def?

Yes, the 300AFHD has an adjustable output of 30fps at 1080p.

Is there a light source on the 300AFHD?

The 300AFHD has a built in LED light attached to the camera head that provides light to your presentation when needed.

What is the Shooting Area of the 300AFHD?

The 300AFHD has a maximum shooting area of 13.66" x 10.28" (337mm x 261mm)

What type of equipments can I connect to the 300AFHD?

You can attach any display equipments such as projectors, LCD monitors, TV's, etc that has HDMI, VGA, DVI-D (via optional converter), or Composite input.

Is the 300AFHD compatible with Interactive whiteboards?

Yes, with the AVerVision Flash Plug-in downloadable from AVer's website.

Is the 300AFHD compatible with Skype?

Yes, the 300AFHD is compatible with Skype.

Is there a way to save images displayed by the document camera?

Yes, there are three ways to do this. You can either capture/save images to the internal memory of the doc cam, to the On-board USB flash drive/SD slots, or using AVer's Software, you can capture and save images directly to the computer.

300AFHD Troubleshooting (Advance)

I have the doccam connected to my MacBook via USB, turned it on and launched Sphere2. The camera view always says “Not connected!”. What do I do?

This issue could be derived from Google Chrome's WebUSB API. Which is on by default for older versions of Chrome. Google has since updated the Chrome browser to disable this API for the newest release. With the older browser, this issue happens in the situation where the user didn’t close the chrome browser before plugging-in the camera. When Chrome is open, it will automatically try to find a driver for our doc cam online. Therefore, interrupting the default driver that is already loaded by our software. The issue results in camera sometimes connecting, sometimes not. Therefore upgrading your Chrome browser should technically resolve this issue. If still have issues, please make sure no other application is accessing the camera on your laptop. Applications such as Skype, Hangout, Adobe Connect, can lock up the camera when it’s executed in the background.

If you have a MacBook (Standard & Air), try the following steps:

  1. Disconnect the USB cable from your MacBook.
  2. Restart the MacBook.
  3. Download/Install the latest A+ Suite Version from here
  4. Launch Sphere2 software.
  5. Connect USB cable from your AVer camera to the MacBook again.

If you still have issues, please contact AVer tech support for a more in depth look at what could be causing the problem.

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