Microsoft application plug-ins

PowerPoint™ + live doc cam = Lessons come alive

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MS PowerPoint is a great presentation tool to build lessons in. It's even better now, because you can actually place a live AVer doc cam image directly onto PowerPoint slides. You can even annotate over the entire slide as well as record the entire presentation. Slide 1 – Important bullets. Slide 2 – Live doc cam demonstration. Slide 3 – Quiz for the class that you can annotate on.
How cool is that?

Insert a learning moment.

Slides right into PowerPoint™.

Place a live document camera image onto any and every MS PowerPoint slide. Once placed, you can resize the image anyway you want. Then simply go into slide show mode and the AVer doc cam automatically streams a live image. The power of showing a live demonstration (dissection anyone?) next to bulleted step-by-step instructions becomes apparent with a student's "Ahh" of understanding.


Integration with PowerPoint
Microsoft application plug-ins
Shine a spotlight

One of the unique features that the MS PowerPoint plug-in gives you is the Spotlight feature. The Spotlight feature focuses attention on a key area in your slide. When used, the feature turns the entire slide area completely opaque while exposing a region of the screen. You can control the size, shape and position of the exposed area, which is perfect for revealing and concealing portions of a graphic or text box.

Microsoft application plug-ins
Reveal something

The Visor feature allows you to cover any area of the screen with an opaque rectangular shield. The shield can be moved either vertically or horizontally to show and reveal areas as necessary. You can even adjust the transparency – perfect for just showing the live document camera image or lesson bullets.

Microsoft application plug-ins
A Floating Toolbox of power

When you are in slide show mode, the AVer floating toolbox
appears. The small powerhouse allows you to do
a number of things during slide show mode.

  • Add an onscreen ruler or protractor for easy graphing
  • Annotate (freeform sketches, lines, highlights,
    shapes) over the entire PowerPoint slide; perfect
    for checking off answers in a bulleted PowerPoint quiz
  • Record your entire lesson including any live doc cam demonstrations or annotations
  • Capture snapshots of your lesson, perfect for capturing moments during live demonstrations

Classroom Corner

Below are a few ways to take the new MS PowerPoint software for a spin. Also be sure to check out our Resources page, that's filled with tips and tricks on how to use the doc cam.

Why MS PowerPoint plug-in is perfect for your classroom

MS PowerPoint plug-in provides you a flexible and easy format for developing interesting, creative and interactive lessons. Each slide can be used as a virtual canvas, where images, video, sound effects, text, drawings and of course live document camera images can be put together for maximum engagement. Each slide can be its own lesson, or an entire unit can be demonstrated step by step, slide by slide.

How does the plug-in enhance a lesson?

Present information and perform instruction at the same time.

Visuals are a medium that most students readily understand. This is why you double the chances of lesson comprehension if you have both instructions and a live demonstration during the lesson. Remember, with the plug-in you can also record the entire lesson so students can revisit the lesson as many times as they need.

  • Demonstrate science experiments: Have bulleted step-by-step instructions on say "how to perform a dissection" and model the whole process before students start working on their own
  • Create units on math: Have an entire slide unit on plotting by using 3 PowerPoint slides. The first slide to explain graphing concepts. The second of a live doc cam demonstration of you plotting. The third a multiple choice group quiz that you check off answers using the plug-in's annotation tools.
  • Use animation and presentation to create impact: Create your own game of Jeopardy by searching the web for PowerPoint Jeopardy templates and then making the "answers" live document camera images. Perfect for identifying different types of rock minerals.