The AVer Partner Program

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We wouldn't be able to do it without Partners like you, who help showcase our products to your customers. As an AVer Partner, you can grow with us, secure your business, and accelerate your sales.

Why Partner With AVer?


We work closely with our Partners to focus on the commitments we have made to our customers, consistently delivering profitable and positive experiences.


AVer believes in the qualities of honesty, reliability, and fairness. These qualities are at the core of our business and our employees are committed to upholding these values.


Our team members are always encouraged to apply creativity with problem solving to promote out-of-the box ideas and solutions. This doesn't just apply to our products but to our partner program which translates to wins for you!

Customer Service

At AVer, we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service - not only to our customers, but also towards our partners. We will have your back, through thick and thin.

WHAT YOU GETDiamondGoldSilverBronze
Opportunity registrationcheckcheckcheckcheck
Access to competitive battle cardscheckcheckcheckcheck
Access to all marketing materialscheckcheckcheckcheck
Reseller listing on the AVer USA sitecheckcheckcheckcheck
Annual product trainingcheckcheckcheckcheck
Back links to partner sitescheckcheckcheck
Access to joint lead generation programscheckcheckcheck
Access to demo poolcheckcheckcheck
Access to the AVer partner portal (coming soon)checkcheckcheck
Access to SPIFFcheckcheck
Access to VIRcheckcheck
Co-sponsored eventscheckcheck
On site product trainingcheckcheck
Partner Performance Cardcheckcheck
Access to AVer market share datacheckcheck
Access to COOPcheck
Co-branded collateralcheck
Quarterly business reviewcheck

Why Register?

We are devoted to our partners, their success, and their profitability. As an AVer Partner, you can grow with us, secure your business, and accelerate your sales.



Have an opportunity? Registering is as Easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1


Have all the details.

(Opportunity Name, State, Products, etc)
Step 2


Send us the details:

  • OR
  • 1 408 263 3828 OR
  • 1 408 263 8132 OR
  • Reach out to your Regional Sales Manager.
Step 3


Receive registration within hours!*

*registration confirmation is verified during normal business hours.


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