Aligning Technology with Common Core, Campbell Unified School District
  • Benefits of Document Cameras over other Classroom Technologies, Broadneck Elementary School

    "A teacher showing and modeling an experiment with TabCam, then leaving it going while she engages small groups around the classroom increases her ability to reach more students. Teachers and students can also record themselves, play it back to the class, annotate over their content, or post it to online venues so no one misses any part of the instruction."

    Erica Kotzer - Technology Support Facilitator, Pembroke Pines, FL

  • Pairing projectors and document cameras can give your lesson plans a digital overhaul.

    "The mobility part of it is great since I wasn't tied to one location and I could move it anywhere while controlling the camera from the app. Once I got into the interactive tools like the annotation and lesson creation, I was able demonstrate content from the live camera and include supporting elements from other sources."

    Brooke Shamhart - Teacher, Laveen, AZ